Document Output Management Review

Document Your SAVINGS!

Document Your SAVINGS!

Document Your SAVINGS!

FACT: Most Companies Can’t Accurately Quantify Their Total Document Output Spend.

Nearly ALL businesses produce documents, but the vast majority lack the resources required to effectively manage their Document Output Infrastructure – and that’s why these companies OVERSPEND BY AN AVERAGE OF 25% in this area!

When it comes to Document Output-related Cost Reduction & Expense Management, other companies may claim to do what we do but the reality is, their approach is focused on selling more products, hardware and services. As a performance-based Consulting firm, The SALT Group® is completely independent and therefore, always objective. We do not represent any manufacturer, distributor or service provider – doing so would diminish our ability to maximize hard-dollar spend reduction opportunities.

By combining our independence with extensive industry knowledge and proprietary analytics, methodology and solutions, The SALT Group’s consulting team effectively reduces the TOTAL cost of your company’s Document Output Infrastructure by eliminating misspending, correcting inefficient purchasing strategies and streamlining business processes for improved performance.

As always, there is no risk in having The SALT Group® perform a comprehensive Document Management Review for your company because our fee is based on our performance – if our Consultants cannot identify any Document Output-related Benefits for your company, then there is absolutely no fee for our service whatsoever!


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