Utilities Review

SAVINGS are Operative!

SAVINGS are Operative!

SAVINGS are Operative!

Utilities represent a large percentage of every company’s Operating expenses – and buyers understand that a lowest-possible Utility spend is best for their bottom line. Unfortunately, “4 out of 5 commercial or industrial customers are over-billed by the utility”, according to the The Washington Post – and The Wall Street Journal points out that “a Utility does not automatically give industrial or commercial customers the best rate when more than one rate is available.”

If that’s not bad enough, Utility billings often contain unnecessary charges for services not ordered and/or not used, erroneous meter readings, billings for a wrong address and a multitude of other possible errors and discrepancies. It’s a treacherous landscape – with buyers constantly challenged to ensure their Utility spend is as lean as possible…

Fortunately, The SALT Group® is poised to meet those challenges for you. Experienced in navigating the complex and ever-changing nature of Utility Expense Management, our consultants will lower your Utility expenses by reviewing current contracts and past bills, analyzing services, negotiating with vendors, and auditing rates and tariffs to quickly provide savings in the form of refunds, rate reductions and credits.

The SALT Group’s experts can help any business with significant expenses for several utilities, including Natural Gas, Propane, Electricity, Deregulated Gas or Electric programs, and Water & Sewer.

As always, there is no risk in having The SALT Group® perform a comprehensive Utility Review for your company because our fee is based on our performance – if our Consultants cannot identify any Utility-related Benefits for your company, then there is absolutely no fee for our service whatsoever!

The SALT Group’s Utilities Audit Services include:

  • Identification & Remedy of Billing Errors/Discrepancies
  • Rate Audit & Tariff Review
  • Vendor Analysis, Contract Review & Negotiation
  • Recovery of Overpayments via Credits or Refunds
  • Improve Cost Visibility, Decision-making & Purchasing Power


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