The SALT Group® is focused exclusively on providing its clients with efficient and accurate Operating Costs & Expense Reduction Reviews. The SALT Group® specializes in this area for one simple reason: It’s easy for companies to overpay and/or overspend in several Accounts Payable areas. Many factors contribute to and cause overpayments, but whatever the reason may be, AP misspending occurs on a regular basis. That’s why 92% of Reviews performed by The SALT Group® will result in recoverable Benefits and/or Savings. Just as important as a high success rate or the amount of the Benefits and/or Savings we will provide is the way we perform our service: Reviews performed by The SALT Group® are non-invasive and turnkey – attributes as valuable to our clients as the total Benefits we will secure for them.

Our Fee

The SALT Group® works solely on a performance fee basis. Why? Because we have a very long track record of producing tangible results for our clients. In fact, we are so confident in our ability to increase our clients’ cash flow that if we are unable to identify any Benefits for your company, then there will be no fee for our service whatsoever.

Why Outsource?

It’s a fact that Profit comes from only two places: increased Revenue and decreased Expenses. Many firms rely solely on Sales & Marketing to increase Profits – but savvy companies also rely on third party industry experts to slash their Operating costs and expenses…

The only question is “Who should I use”? Ideally, you’d want dedicated Cost Reduction experts to maximize any Accounts Payable-related Recovery/Savings opportunities without wasting your valuable time or charging a fee unless Benefits are identified. This exactly describes The SALT Group’s Operating Cost & Expense Reduction Review service – and because The SALT Group® works on a performance fee basis, there’s absolutely no risk in having us perform a comprehensive Review for you!