Waste Review

STOP Wasting on WASTE!

STOP Wasting on WASTE!

STOP Wasting on WASTE!

FACT: Waste Removal Industry pricing is largely unregulated – and without
Federal/State/Local oversight, local businesses end up paying different rates for
similar Waste Hauling services…

That’s why we are able to reduce our clients’ Waste spend over 90% of the time – and by 30%
on average!

The SALT Group’s Waste Consultants specialize in keeping your Waste Removal costs as low as possible. Our expertise is focused on Waste Removal Industry pricing and on what Waste Removal rates should be in your local area.

The SALT Group® will review the full scope of your Waste Removal needs for potential savings, including:

  • Trash
  • Recycling
  • Compacting
  • Shredding
  • Organics (food stuffs, lawn/landscaping clippings, etc.)
  • Hazardous and other environmentally sensitive materials (Solvents, Paint, Chemicals, etc.)
  • Medical and other Bio-hazardous materials (Sharps, “Red Bag”, etc.)
  • Potential commoditization of certain waste materials (Waste Oil, Cardboard, Wood, etc.)
The SALT Group® is not affiliated with any Waste Haulers, Recyclers or Landfills – our first and only priority is your company’s bottom line. And as always, there is no risk in having us perform a comprehensive Waste Review for you because our fee is based on performance – if our Consultants cannot identify any Waste-related Benefits for your company, then there is absolutely no fee for our service whatsoever!


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