Uniforms & Facilities Review

Facilitate SAVINGS!

Facilitate SAVINGS!

Facilitate SAVINGS!

Nearly all companies contract out for Uniform & Facilities services – it’s a staple of their overhead. However, unlike Energy or other utilities, Uniform & Facilities service programs are typically far more complex than other Operating expenses…

Not only is it a challenge for multi-location organizations to source and manage these services effectively, it’s also difficult to comparison shop for them because suppliers use widely varied billing methods and definitions of terminology. The bottom line is, there are multitudes of variables with considerable cost implications that MUST be identified and addressed at the contractual level. Without considerable know-how on hand, it’s inevitable that rates, scope of services and quality of contract will not be optimized in the client’s favor!

Not so when The SALT Group’s Uniform & Facilities consultants perform a comprehensive Billing & Contract Audit and then leverage decades of experience and extensive nationwide supplier relationships to maximize rate reductions as well as ensure consistency of service and contract adherence.

Our consultant’s will review and analyze all aspects of your current Uniform & Facilities-related spend, including:

  • Custom Uniforms & Apparel
  • Outerwear & Industry-specific Workwear
  • Cleanroom, Flame-resistant & Safetywear
  • Carpets, Mats & Runners
  • Restroom Sanitation & Paper Supplies
  • First Aid & Safety Supplies
  • Cleaning Supplies & Solutions
  • Towels, Cloths & Mops

As always, there is no risk in having The SALT Group® perform a comprehensive Uniforms & Facilities Review for your company because our fee is based on our performance – if our Consultants cannot identify any Benefits for your company, then there is absolutely no fee for our service whatsoever!


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