Driving your Freight spend down is not a simple task.  Whether its full truckload, LTL, domestic or overseas, there are so many different components and complexities that it’s like trying to solve a constantly-changing jigsaw puzzle! High fuel costs, labor shortages and other logistics challenges only complicate the equation further…

Now more than ever, you need to apply The SALT Group Freight team’s extensive experience and innovative techniques to quickly and effectively reduce your total Freight spend.

Our consultants have developed a proprietary solution that takes ALL of the many variables into account – and in real time – to optimize shipping efficiencies, thereby lowering your costs across the board.

The SALT Group® is not affiliated with any Freight or Shipping companies – our first and only priority is our clients’ bottom line. And as always, there is no risk in having us perform a comprehensive Freight Review for you because our fee is based on performance – if our consultants cannot identify any Freight-related Benefits for your company, then there is absolutely no fee for our service!