What are clients saying about The SALT Group®? Here are a few excerpts from companies around the country:

“Working with the SALT group proved easy and effective. I would recommend using this company for all of your needs from Sales & Use Tax to Overhead Reduction. I have worked with multiple companies like SALT over my 30+ years… and they were very diplomatic and flexible.”
Dust Control, Soil Stabilization, Lubrication & Anti-Icing/Deicing Solutions
Midwest Industrial Supply - OH

“The SALT Group was very professional and thorough in their effort to save us money. I appreciate their tenacity and passion for what they do.”
Pallet & Crate Manufacturing
John Rock, Inc. - PA

“Very pleased with the results. They identified cost savings opportunities and tax credits. They even aided us in negotiating supplier agreements that help moving forward.”
Porcelain-finished Steel Fixture Manufacturing
Bootz Mfg. Co. - IN

“Positive experience with them. My company was able to recover a large amount from the state in sales tax we shouldn't have paid.”
Electro-Coating & Plating Provider
Acme Holdings - TX

“I’m satisfied with the services that The SALT Group provided to our company. The turnaround time was quicker than estimated and the process was painless. I would definitely recommend working with them. They are very friendly to work with.”
Granite & Quartz Fabrication
W. R. Watson - TX

“They performed a Sales & Use Tax Refund Review which resulted in significant refunds... the overall process went very well. Their team is proficient, understanding and easy to work with.”
Industrial Vacuum Excavation Machinery
Ring-O-Matic - IA

“I have been working with The SALT Group since 2017 for reducing/recouping costs. They have delivered savings. I recommend using them.”
Aviation Safety Equipment
Aero Specialties - ID

“The SALT Group saved me a lot on money on uniforms… the savings were enormous. This is after I had asked the uniform company for their best price.”
Law Enforcement Vehicle Accessories Manufacturer
Go Industries - TX

“The SALT Group provides excellent services for us.”
Aerospace Metals Manufacturing
S & L Aerospace - NY

“The SALT Group did a good job at reviewing our expenses. Their staff is professional… the savings are real.”
Commercial & Military Aircraft Engine Components
Aircraft Precision Products - MI

"The SALT Group reduced our Uniforms & Facilities costs. We had them review our Waste and Telecom expenses as well. I would strongly urge any company considering reducing their Operating costs to partner with The SALT Group."
Transportation Logistics
Timco Logistics - TX

"They were able to significantly reduce our Waste spend and as promised, provided free confirmation of optimized pricing in other areas. If you are considering partnering with The SALT Group to lower your Operational expenses, I would recommend doing so."
Global Transportation Solutions
International Bonded Couriers - NY

"My company has been very pleased with services provided by The SALT Group... Their representative examined our records and identified the vendors and items for refunds of sales tax... I’m very pleased with the results of [their] waste disposal consultant... I highly recommend The SALT Group."
Parts & Fabrication
Atlas Metal Parts & Fabricating – WI

"We were able to save significant money and they are now working on other services."
Motor Vehicle Dealership
Atlas Bus Sales, Inc. – WI

"I was totally impressed and pleased with the results obtained and the savings generated. The SALT Group had specialized technical expertise and understood the contractual nuances such that they could deliver an excellent result. The savings achieved were not dependent on switching service providers. We will have them look at other invoices to determine if other savings possibilities exist."
Industrial Coatings Manufacturer
Sumter Coatings – SC

"The SALT Group was able to negotiate a better monthly rate... I was so satisfied with the experience that I will be contracting with them to review other bills for any possible savings."
Assisted Living & Health Care Provider
Holdrege Memorial Homes – NE

"They were courteous, thorough, and did a complete analysis... I would not hesitate to use them again."
Energy Solutions Manufacturer
FlexEnergy – NH

"The SALT Group has not only enhanced our bottom line but they have left us more informed than we were before which will benefit us for years to come"
Local Restaurant Franchise
Burger King – KS

“The SALT Group reviewed our Waste invoices for several facilities. I was totally impressed and pleased with the savings… I thought we had good rates – but I learned that The SALT Group had specialized technical expertise and understood the nuances such that they could deliver an excellent result. The savings we achieved were not dependent on switching service providers. The staff at The SALT Group are professional and friendly. Next, we will have them look at our Telecom invoices.”
Metals Fabricator & Stock Supplier
Admiral Metals – MA

“I have been working with The SALT Group and we are enjoying 50% savings – and it has been for months. I would recommend them to anyone looking for significant savings.”
Custom Packaging Solutions
Teknor Color – RI

“We were able to achieve savings, as promised. I would recommend giving them a try – no risk to do so and you may well be able to save some money!”
Energy Management & Automation Solutions
Schneider Electric – MO

"We have used the services of The SALT Group a number of times and have found this firm very honest and thorough in reviewing our Utilities... I can recommend them to any organization."
Conveyor Systems Manufacturing
Conveyors, Inc. – TX

“The entire process was quite easy on our end – they handled everything. The savings they generated will continue to pay dividends for years to come. I’d recommend their services to anyone.”
Steel Fabricators
Nucor – MS

“After their work securing us a new contract, the savings have begun to hit our bottom line… If you’re looking for ways to save money, I’d recommend letting The SALT Group’s consultants take a look – they are truly experts.”
Industrial Automation Controls
Innovative IDM – TX

“The ease of working with their representatives was above expectations. With little time spent, we have realized a significant cost savings. Our positive experience with The SALT Group is one I’m happy to share.”
Landscaping Supply
Kurtz Bros., Inc. – OH

“My company has been highly satisfied with the diligent work done by The SALT Group. We were able to achieve significant savings – with no extra work on our part.”
Restaurant & Food Service
El Jarro – TX

“We asked The SALT Group to help us cut our Waste cost. They analyzed our Billing and contract and were able to obtain a 68% savings. I would highly recommit that you utilize their expertise.”
Linen & Uniform Service
Admiral by Alsco – TX

"Our experience was wonderful. As promised, they were non-invasive... The consultant demonstrated extraordinary expertise... they found a substantial overpayment and filed all the appropriate paperwork on our behalf."
Steel Fabricators
Lippmann-Milwaukee, Inc. – WI

"They have done at least five Sales Tax Recovery Audits... and they have always found something that we had overlooked. Their process is nearly invisible... by far the most professional and accurate Recovery service I have seen."
Dairy Producers
Oak Farms Dairy – TX

"Required very little of my time during the review. Our company has been very satisfied with the experience and would highly recommend them to any company... the result was a direct increase in our bottom line."
Dairy Producers
Grande Cheese Company – WI

"Did their work in a professional manner, and did not require a lot of time from our employees. We were very pleased with the amount of refund they obtained on our behalf...I would definitely recommend using this company."
Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc. – AL

"The service we received from them was exceptional, and the education we gained will save us considerable costs and help us process our Payables more effectively for years to come."
Pool & Spa Equipment
Horner Xpress – FL

"I was very pleased with the results... the training provided to me and my staff is unsurpassed. The review did not take any of my time or require the use of my staff."
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt – FL

“Very professional and... quite knowledgeable in the area of multi-state Sales & Use Tax... As promised, the review took virtually none of my time nor did it require any time of my staff. I would certainly recommend their services."
Oil Rigging Equipment
Gunnebo Johnson Corporation – OK

"A job well done... we look forward to working with them again, and would gladly recommend them to other businesses."
Commercial Lifting Equipment
KoneCranes – TX

"It has been very beneficial for FNC to contract their services because of the savings provided."
Business Equipment & Services
Fujitsu Network Communication – TX

"Exceeded our expectations and offered substantial reductions in tax liabilities."
Aircraft Manufacturing
Boeing - Irving – TX

"I wanted to extend my feelings of appreciation. Your company and its representatives have shown their professional skills and knowledge by producing favorable tax recovery, larger than we expected."
Agricultural Products & Services
Agrium US, Inc. – TX

"Not only will we save money, but I now feel that we are "square" with the taxing authorities."
Aircraft Electric & Power Equipment
Marathon Power Technologies – TX

"The entire procedure was as unobtrusive as possible, and they were able to obtain significant tax reductions."
The Orlando Sentinel – FL

"They did a good job of minimizing staff and workflow interruptions... understood our tax issues and found overpayments."
Print Industry Paper & Products
MAC Papers – FL

“The consultant performed their work with almost no interruption to our day-to-day activity. They made this process painless for us. I would highly recommend them.”
Security Systems Products & Services
Geo Systems, Inc. – FL

"There were new statutes that we were not aware of... and they brought these items to our attention so we would not repeat the same mistakes. The refund checks were greatly appreciated. We would recommend their services."
Aluminium Supplier & Fabricators
Hydro Aluminum North America – SC

"I was skeptical that they would be able to keep their promise of not interrupting my staff; however, they performed their work with almost no interruption."
Air & Gas Compressor Manufacturing
Nu Air USA Corp. – SC