The SALT Group® specializes in Transactional Tax Refund Reviews because the vast majority of companies overpay these taxes without ever realizing it. Vendor error is usually the culprit, but many other factors contribute to the problem.

Whatever the cause may be, Transactional Tax overpayments occur regularly and often – our experience has shown us that it’s not a question of whether a company is overpaying these taxes, but rather by how much. In fact, nearly all Reviews performed by The SALT Group® result in recoverable refunds and future savings for our clients.

Better still, our Transactional Tax Reviews require virtually no time or effort from you or your staff! And as always, there’s no risk in working with The SALT Group® because our fee is based on performance – if our Consultants cannot identify any Tax-related Benefits for your company, then there is absolutely no fee for our service whatsoever! 

Our Transactional Tax Review Process:

We will review thoroughly your company’s Accounts Payable records (not your General Ledger or P&L Statements) in order to identify refunds and future Transactional Tax-related savings. Our consultant will work independently and in an area that will not interfere with you or your staff.

We will review the entire open statute period of your Accounts Payable invoices no matter how large or how small the dollar amount.

Once all data is collected, your Review will be completed offsite.

The SALT Group® will perform all the work necessary to prepare, file for and recover refunds on your behalf. Confidentiality will be strictly observed at all times.

If we cannot identify any recoveries/savings for your company, there is no fee for our service.